About This Blog

The concept for this blog first came to me nearly two years ago when I was trying to rediscover a sense of self, after dedicating the best part of a decade to my two lovely girls. The idea was to capture the essence and the identity of a mother as an individual. During this journey of self discovery, I was lucky enough to meet many inspiring mums who like me were trying to re-evolve.

Although this lifestyle blog is more about the ‘mums’ and sharing their experiences, there are strong elements of my own personality which include a passion for food, fashion & style, books and wellbeing. I have also recently qualified as a health coach and I am currently pursuing a Yoga Healer Certificate in Ayurveda.

Like any other human being, I’m vunerable to the ups and downs in life, which sometimes makes it hard to make my content consistent. However I realise that content is all about quality not quantity. I would rather have one piece of inspirational content than a volume of irrelevant articles. I’m extremely passionate about the women I write about and this comes straight from the heart.