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Alex_MG_2613 Alex had been on my radar for a while. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach her, often speculating if she was an introvert. Finally, I had the chance to engage her in a conversation at our children’s sports day -we instantly hit it off. Alex exuded a certain confidence that I hadn’t encountered in a long time. Listening to her wild interesting stories, her eye opening encounters and adventures left me intrigued. I soon found out that there was so much more to Alex than meets the eye.

I wondered what is it was about Alex that first attracted me. Needless to say that her free spirited nature was contagious. I couldn’t decide if it was her intrinsic quality to be true to herself, or perhaps it was her courage and conviction to follow her dreams, with the determination to live an abundant life.

Possessing the soul of a gypsy and the brain of rocket scientist – Alex is a paradox. With two little children in tow and a suitcase full of dreams Alex set off on a life adventure. From a circus performer in Ibiza, to a successful entrepreneur, medical translator and an inspiring mum – I suspect Alex has a lot more to add to her ‘repertoire’.


How do you juggle your time (no pun intended )  between being a mum & work 

Honestly it is a constant struggle, but basically it’s a matter of being very flexible (haha no pun intended back). I’ve always made sure I could work from home as much as possible because I don’t like to rely on outside sources if I don’t have to. This often means finishing projects after the kids are asleep or waking up at dawn on the weekends- but it’s worth it to be able to be together during these magical years. I love my work and studies so I don’t see the extra time as a chore, but rather personal enjoyment.

Alex_MG_2610How do you stay fit with your busy schedule

The key for me has been to find forms of exercise that I genuinely enjoy doing, and that way they automatically get prioritised. I first got really involved in fitness when I started Salsa dancing in 2007, which is also when I started running regularly because I needed increased cardiovascular capacity. I also absolutely love aerial acrobatics and I have a profound love and respect for hot yoga, both of which build so much natural body strength. I maintain my gym membership to mix things up a little, but if I only relied on that as my exercise, I’d honestly get bored very fast. That being said, staying fit is a result of doing things I love, making it much easier to find a way to squeeze in time for activities I’m excited about. I also realise that I am much cognitively sharper after I break a sweat and there is always a way to find 30 minutes in a day to go for a quick run, even on those days when I have to force myself.

Alex_2_MG_2786You have led a very interesting life travelling around the world – what would you say were your highlights

The highlights have probably been the things that at the time were the most difficult. When I first moved to Spain with my kids in 2009, besides the enormous cultural differences, none of us spoke Spanish and no one in our town spoke English. It took the kids about 6 months, but it took me a good 3 years to be able to effectively communicate and relay humor again!

A single mum at a really young age, yet you have managed to achieve so much! What one characteristic would you attribute to your achievements

I don’t regard obstacles as confounding variables to my progress, but rather as challenges that are waiting to be overcome.


How do you practice beauty from the inside out

I really strive to practice being non-judgemental of others; it is so important to consider every person as a blank page and let them fill it in themselves. I also am really genuinely grateful all the time and for everything. Focusing on gratitude for even the smallest things goes a long way towards consistent happiness.

Alex_MG_2606A favourite destination

I don’t have one actually– I tend to be really happy wherever I am at the moment. (Don’t get me wrong though, I love the beach and and anything tropical)

Comfort or favourite food

I either drink a huge blender full of spinach, pear, and ginger juice or I love a big slice of chocolate cake made with almond flour…. I can definitely go either way- but Libras are all about balance right? I blame it on the stars…. 🙂

Your ‘ go to ‘ recipe

I have two: Stir-fry and Thai Curry. I always use lots of vegetables and will add fresh fresh fish if I have it. Basically, my pantry is always stocked with Thai curry paste, coconut milk, and soy sauce and either of those dishes can be ready in less than 15 minutes.

How do you start your day

I’ve never been one of those people who can spring out of bed at sunrise and start being active, (unless I’m on vacation, strangely enough). Our parrot wakes me up about 6:30am by tapping on his cage to let him out, and after he uses the bathroom (yes, I literally take him to the toilet), we spend about 30 minutes snuggling in bed while I ease out of zombie sleep mode by reading the news and mapping out the day.


Favourite restaurant 

There is a place called “Farmacy” in Notting Hill that I could live at. It’s beautiful inside and they are founded on Hippocrates’ famous words, “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” They serve fresh, clean, and healthy dishes, free from dairy, refined sugars additives, etc.” I don’t eat wheat or legumes and they are very accommodating.

Currently reading

I’m reading a book called ‘Gut‘ which is about gastrointestinal microbiome, and another book called ‘The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution‘. I’m really fascinated by the relationship between nutrition and mental health and think there is so much yet to be discovered.

Who has been your biggest inspiration

While I admire many people’s achievements, I’ve never been one to idol people I don’t personally know. Those who inspire me the most are people who I maintain close relationships with: My kids constantly have me in awe with their resilience, agility and creativity, and my close friends and colleagues are always surprising me with their superhuman brain capacities and accomplishments. I really am so grateful for the people surrounding me in my life.


What’s always in your bag

I always try to keep a bottle of water, a book, and a pen with me- those otherwise unproductive idle moments standing in line or sitting on the tube add up really fast!

Favourite beauty product 

For everyday use, I try to be as minimal as possible and use very neutral tones- I’m busy and usually end up sweating so I don’t want to fuss about makeup. I use raw virgin coconut oil as a whole body moisturiser, and I really don’t think my skin would survive without it! For eyes, I love Bobby Brown’s long-wear cream eyeshadow sticks and Clinique’s Quickliner. I could probably live without everything else.

What attracted you to vertical fitness, pole dancing & then eventually training to perform at a ‘ circus’ in Ibiza

The combination between dance, flexibility, and strength, topped with the individual personality of the artist is what lured me in. Aerial arts (pole dancing, silks, hoop, trapeze, etc.) compliment any genre of music, making the production possibilities absolutely endless. Being part of a circus company in Ibiza was incredibly rewarding for the social aspect of training and performing with equally enthusiastic and determined athletes. I’m probably at my best when I’m on stage and find it very rewarding to work really hard on routines and be able to perform for an audience.


Next stop …..

Working hard for medical school!!


* Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag

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