An MBA graduate, an ex investment banker and an expat living in five different countries. Brazilian born mum of two Flavia loves her job of being a dedicated stay at home mum. In her words ‘ I love taking care of everyone and making sure they have everything they need to excel ‘. Having said that I have dreams of my own, I would love to own a small business, like a well curated lifestyle store, flowershop or designing stationery, but our lifestyle of moving around every three years makes it hard for me to commit. I’ll know when the time is right and I can’t wait.


How do you start your day on a positive note?

I’m a morning person and love waking up early to a cup of delicious Nespresso coffee, a habit that seems impossible to break. Then I get the kids going!! Mornings are very peaceful as opposed to the evenings, we all manage to sit together as a family at our kitchen table to eat breakfast. I’ve currently become addicted to porridge which I love as it nourishes me and gives me the right kind of energy for my morning workouts.

 How important is fitness to you and what is your daily regime ?

Fitness is very important to me. I love being active as it gives me positive energy. I work out six days a week. I run three days in the week and combine it with strength training to avoid injury, and do bikram yoga on the other three. I am really excited to have recently signed up for the New York Marathon, something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

 A beauty product you can’t live without ?

I love Avene Thermal Water  I spray it in the morning or whenever I get the chance

 What do you do for relaxation ?

I think that exercise is my main form of relaxation as I’m not a ‘relaxed’ sort of person. In saying that I have been trying to get into meditation for the last 12 years. I am finally getting the hang of it. Zen monks say that our minds are like ‘wild monkey’, mine certainly is and I would love to tame it just a little bit.


Describe you style sensibility ?

My style has changed over the years, from the beach girl in Ipanema to the harsh winters of NY. I think that given my roots, I am more of a summer dresser. I love flowy, colourful, feminine dresses, I think that captures my essence. Hence winter is a bit of a struggle for me.

Your most recent purchase ?

I am trying to become a bit more minimalist in the amount of things I buy and own. However I couldn’t resist buying this amazing Cos jumpsuit. My favourite item in my closet is a scarf my husband bought me just before we left Paris to move back to the US. Keys are the main motif and it was meant to represent new beginnings and opening new doors. Somehow, every time I wear it it reminds me that life is full of possibilities.

 How many different countries have you lived in the past 10 years and your favourite memory ?

I’ve lived in Sweden, France, the US and now in London. My favourite memory was arriving with our newborn daughter in Sweden. Sweden was a brand new world that was opened up to me just as we were starting our family. As a new mum I was deeply influenced by Swedes and their family values. It is a country where the value system is so different from my own. It was refreshing to see that family came first and that health and education was a right for everyone, regardless of their social status. A world of difference from Brazil. The people are lovely, the food is amazing, the country is beautiful, not to mention singing and drinking aquavit, that was fun! If only I could have mastered speaking Swedish, now that’s hard.

What is your favourite restaurant ?

I must say my favourite restaurant in London so far is Coya www.coyarestaurant.com I’ve discovered that I love Peruvian food! Plus, the ambiance is fun.

A family favourite recipe

Is a chocolate/dulce de leche mousse  which is delicious.

A recent book you’ve read ?

The Goldfinch
I kept missing the characters for days after I finished it. It wasn’t so much the story or the message but how real they had become to me. I hadn’t had that feeling for a long time.

 Who has been your biggest inspiration ?

My husband Jason is a huge inspiration for me. First of all, he is a wonderful person. I am proud of how committed he is to everything he does. Jason encourages me to be the best version of myself.

 A top holiday destination on your wish list ?

The most recent thing on my wish list was a ‘honeymoon’ with my husband, a trip without the kids to an amazing destination and we are going away to surf in Costa Rica in May, so what else is a girl to want. And Maldives with my family someday, one day …..

Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag www.charlottekrag.com at Richmond Bridge

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