‘ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…its learning to Dance in the Rain ‘

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Adagio, fondue, dégagé, demi plie …….the sounds of a sweet but firm voice resonates from the grand ballet room. Petite, Radiant and effervescent ‘ Harita’ is anything but formidable – the cliched image of a ballet teacher. By no means does this mean that she doesn’t command respect. Gentle but firm Harita is loved and respected by her students and peers.

I first saw Harita at a mum’s pregnancy yoga class, both in hysterics whilst we were struggling in our awkward down dog positions. Years later we met again – now as my little one’s much loved ballet teacher.

Starting ballet at a relatively young age and having danced professionally for many years, Harita then moved on to teaching dance at Richmond Dance Academy. Being a single mum Harita has faced her own set of challenges but has always had dance to turn to. Her passion and dedication to dance has helped her overcome many challenges and her life is now in perfect balance .’

What does dancing & teaching mean to you ?
Dancing was part of my life even before attending primary school . I had such a great ballet teacher , who also encouraged me to seek as much contemporary knowledge as possible , as she knew it would be incredibly important for the longevity of a dance career and open many doors of opportunity, which has happened . As well as dancing professionally , I have written and had published by the N.a.t.d, a contemporary dance course that has been approved by CDET and OFQUAL which now offers young dancers UCAS points, for their CV and university application . So as well as teaching children and young adults at The Richmond Academy of Dance , I also teach teacher’s and examiners the 2 day course . I’m delighted to to be working in many spectrums of dance .

Your favourite dance style
Bournonville ballet style ands“` José Limon Release Contemporary dance .

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Your secret getaway
Seychelles this year – it’s stunning – oops it’s not a secret anymore !

How do you relax ?
I’m a natural born fidget and workaholic – activities with my children always leads to huge belly laughs and fun.
Favourite family holiday destination

A traditional home recipe
Being Cypriot , it would have to be Lamb on the barbecue with sea salt and lemon juice !
The lamb is very very simple . We marinade lamb cubes in lemon juice and honey , bbq it well , season with plenty of salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice serve with roast potatoes in olive oil , fresh greek salad and yoghurt and mint .

A beauty product you swear by
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and Coco Chanel

Your favourite restaurant and cuisine
Chez Lindsay 11 Hill Rise Richmond – incredible French food and service every time .

What are you currently reading ?
Secret Muses The life of Frederick Ashton and Intermediate Contemporary dance written by myself !

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Three things that were on your christmas wish list
To see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty , visit Kew Gardens, watch/read anything by David Attenborough!

How did you celebrate christmas ?
With my children singing , dancing and playing games . I’m so lucky and blessed .

Top 5 things on your bucket list
I need a skip not a bucket ha ! There are hundreds of places, people and natural beauties of the world I want to experience before I skip, hop and kick the bucket – god willing !

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now
Alive and Kicking I hope ! Possibly writing more about dance .

Who or what inspires you
Those hundreds of teachers around me and my life who have made me a “mover and a shaker ”

Miss H_4_MG_4344Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag @ www.charlottekrag.com

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