Stumbling along a dark countryside path in my night clothes and trying to navigate my way to the toilets at the ‘ Wilderness Festival ‘ wasn’t one of my finest moments. I stop in my tracks in horror, when I hear a voice call out to me ( who in the world would I encounter out here  ?) – and I’m greeted with a warm ‘Namaste’ by the lovely Lana, who is gazing luminously at the stars !!

Gorgeous as she is, it’s hard to not to notice Lana. I’ve seen her numerous times during the school run – never really getting a chance to stop and say hello. At the time, I was convinced that she was a high-flyer working in the city.

Sitting out in the open, chatting and discussing our lives was lovely. We talked about various things, including the desire to pursue life with a greater purpose and passion. It was at that moment that Lana revealed to me – that while working for many years in the luxury high fashion industry, she had an epiphany and decided to follow her ‘Dharma’.

Beautiful and centred to the core, Lana is in fact a yoga teacher to children. A mum of two young boys herself, she found a profound change in their physical and emotional well being due to yoga. Lana has a special connection with children and they’ve inspired her to become a yoga teacher. She is the founder of Elementary Yoga, which focuses on teaching kids about the foundations and techniques of the practice, which will nurture them for the rest of their lives.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher & specifically a children’s one
I am a third generation of teachers- every woman in my family are teachers/ tutors or professors -which is quite unusual. Even though I have spent almost 10 years in luxury and design industry I couldn’t escape my Dharma 😉 ( life purpose calling) and become a teacher. I am a qualified UK primary TA and having a certification in children’s and family yoga, which means that I am lucky to be able to combine two things I love in life – yoga and teaching!

How has yoga changed your life
Yoga is journey of self growth and discovery, so there hasn’t been one specific thing that has been changed for me with yoga.. It’s “constantly evolving and changing ”



The best way to relax

A warm bath, a back massage or a tea with milk in bed

What is your personal style

Sportswear by profession , classic, mixed rock chic by choice, and Mums “uniform ” by day… What style does that make…I wonder 😉

Who or what inspires you

Yogi Ashokananda, my children and children in general. I am lucky to work with my main inspirations.



Your favourite book
I am reading and absolutely loving ‘ The Social Animal ‘ by David Brooks right now.

Favourite cuisine & recipe

I enjoy many different cuisines, but one dish I could have every day is cinnamon porridge with almond /peanut butter on top. I find porridge very versatile – you can add/ take ingredients to make it taste different every day.

Two thing you always have on you

Lip/ hand balm and a meditation mala.


Your ‘GO TO’ beauty product

A long, long, long list- but one I always have anywhere at anytime is hand restorative cream ( no way would I swap this for a brand) – Burt’s bees Almond and Milk hand cream smells so good I could eat it!

Favourite place to relax on a break

Mountains anywhere in the world.

Top things on your bucket or wish list

I don’t really have a bucket list. I start afresh every morning therefore bucket  ‘dream ‘ list doesn’t really have a meaning to me-I tend to find everything that I love is what have and I have what I love every day !


What does self love & gratitude mean to you

Everything 🙂


* Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag



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