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Meet Lovely Laura, a mum of two and the vision behind Relish & Grace .She defines beauty as the’ ignition of joy’ !

A simple creative concept – Relish & Grace offers cooking classes to young children with a strong focus on sustainability and the impact it can have on our health and the environment. Synonymous to the title Relish & Grace’s core values are about food appreciation and gratitude.  Working closely with The Vineyard Project a charity that provides meals and refuge to the homeless in the local area ….Laura inspires and instils a strong sense of community in the children.

How do you start your day

Usually with a cup of coffee

How did the concept for relish & grace come about

When my daughters were very little, I began setting aside one afternoon a week to bake with them. At first it was just sweet treats but as the weeks progressed I got bored of pink sparkly cupcakes every single Monday so started to introduce savoury options. As the weeks flew by, I discovered children have an untapped potential when it comes to cooking: there is no fear! It’s a marvellous attitude to have when cooking! I started to push the boundaries of what we would cook each week: quiches, thai curries, soufflés, brownies, porchetta. I started to write a blog chronicling our journey and out of that, friends suggested I start teaching other children to cook. It was from there Relish & Grace was birthed

Where do you draw your inspiration from

Mostly Pinterest and recipe books – I absolutely love recipe books and will happily curl up with one over a cup of tea.

Paragon Mudder Challenge

What is a typical meal at home

Our home cooked meals are very simple: roasts, spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, things the children love and eat well.

A family favourite dish & recipe

I think my all time favourite dish would have to be spaghetti bologese – my mother taught me how to cook it as a child and I’ve loved it ever since. We leave it to cook for hours and hours on the stove; till the meat melts in your mouth!

Paragon Mudder Challenge

How important is it to teach kids about fair trade, sustainability & ethical sourcing

I’ve discovered this is so vital. In our western world, I think we grow up not realising that food, and the choices we have regarding food, is a privilege.

Even as adults, we rarely take into account where it comes from and the cost implications involved. Children have such latent power: they are a the ones in charge of tomorrow’s world and by educating them on sustainability, ethical sourcing, fair trade and food waste, we can empower them to make good choices that will positively affect the future.

What is one ingredient you can’t live without

Kindness. It goes with anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere and makes absolutely everything better.

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Favourite beauty routine & product

I love Neals Yard: wild rose beauty balm. I slather it on my face morning and night.

Who has made the biggest impact in your life

My mother; if I grow up to be half the woman she is, touching the lives of only a fraction of the people she has, I would be very proud indeed.

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Your favourite restaurant in London & the world

Addies Thai Café

Favourite destination & why

Durban, it is where my heart is home.

How important is it to give back to community

It’s imperative. I feel our community is our extended family. In this day and age it can be so easy to focus only on ourselves and our immediate needs, taking for granted all that we have and being dissatisfied with all that we don’t…I’ve discovered a life focused inward is very unfulfilling.

For me, I get such delight and joy in serving others and being a part of something bigger than just my immediate world.

Paragon Mudder Challenge

How would you define beauty

The ignition of joy

Top 5 things on your bucket list

To live a life of no regrets, to write a cookbook, to ride the Trans Siberian express, to adventure often and to raise kind, confident and brave girls.

Paragon Mudder Challenge

Where do you see Relish & Grace 5 years from now.

I really hope to see Relish & Grace roll out in schools and/or boroughs around London and be available to everyone, not just those who are able to afford the classes.


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