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I was introduced to ‘Marianne’ by a friend who suggested ‘You must meet this beautiful French mum who is a WBFF ( World Beauty Fitness & Fashion ) competitor.’ I said to myself…Now that’s defying a stereotype !! A brief insight into Marianne’s life piqued my interest and I arranged to meet her for a coffee. Not sure what to expect (guilty that I was about 10 minutes late) as I approached the table,  I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful, petite, dark haired woman waiting patiently, to have a chat with me.

Mum to a lovely boy, Marianne  currently works as an air stewardess on a private jet. One day during a school pick up, Marianne overheard a group of mums complaining. ” Your body can never be the same, once you have kids and get past the age of 40. What a trigger that was for me ! I thought to myself  sod this…. I am going to show you how wrong you are !! I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t give up before you try !! ” .That was the turning point when Marianne decided to compete at the WBFF

Keeping fit is what Marianne has done all her life, but competing was altogether a different story. It required, commitment, dedication and discipline. And it was with  that determination and support from her loved ones, that helped Marianne win several awards. With so many fad diets, dietary options and supplements available, it was incredibly refreshing to hear a fitness role model utter these words ‘ Nothing can replace whole food nutrients’ ! Besides I love her personal motto ‘ Eat ENOUGH calories, I eat a lot for my small frame ! It’s all about body composition, not what it says on the scale. Scales are for fish ! ‘

With a hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, Marianne was put in the spot light and answers some quick- fire questions.

What motivated you to get into WBFF

The WBFF is a federation like no other. It combine fitness and fashion, two of my favourite things. It is a glamorous stage, with great vibe between competitors showcasing their hard work

Your favourite food

Grilled Salmon and Nutella with almond butter for desert, when I’m a bit more flexible with my diet.

Top holiday destination

Thailand and Indonesia

Your ultimate fitness goal

To stand on the WBFF world’s championship stage in August, in the best condition I can be

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Favourite sportswear brands

So Fit apparel and Lululemon

On your wish list

To live by the sea

Who are your role models

Strong, beautiful, independent women who weren’t afraid to take a chance …like Coco Chanel and Oprah Winfrey.


Currently Reading

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

What do you always leave home with..

A bottle of water

Favourite beauty product

Ren Organic Skin Care or make up by Chanel

Who inspires you

Nicole Wilkins a top fitness competitor and an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Olympia champion.


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