Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love for Yoga. My recent tryst with it has, made a profound impact on my life – helping me deal with a loss. Over the years Yoga has been in and out of my life, but lately the benefits have been so immense, that I’m hoping it will remain a constant. In my latest self obsessed quest to find new, different, innovative yoga classes in London – I stumbled upon Mollie.

mollie_mg_9977Mollie is an inspiring, talented mum to three kids (two cats & a dog), who decided to dedicate her life to health and well being. Originally from Minnesota and living in London for the last three years, Mollie is a highly sought after Yoga teacher. Petite, dainty, with gorgeous hazel eyes, Mollie’s appearance belies her big personality. Strong to the core Mollie is one of the most genuine and endearing persons I’ve ever met.

Mollie brings an authentic and unique approach to her practice. With an incredible playlist and individual attention, its no surprise that her classes are always over booked. Mollie’s most popular classes are her Aroma Yoga ones, where she uses different essential oils  to enhance the chakras in the yoga practice. The aroma oils, music and her soothing voice radiating through the room always stir up a range of emotions in me – I swear I literally get goose bumps! I was so gutted to hear that Mollie was moving back to America soon – I couldn’t let her leave without sharing some of her awesomeness.

Tell us about your yoga journey

I have been practicing yoga since University, 17 years, with some breaks in between. About seven years ago I went more deeply into my practice and eventually did a teacher training in Zurich, Switzerland in 2012. From then, it hasn’t stopped and just keeps evolving day by day, growing into a lifestyle that grounds, connects me to myself and others, sets the framework for me to parent in a way my family needs and feel ready to share with my students and community. At this point it’s part of who I am – I’ll never stop learning more and sharing this practice in order to help better humanity and this world.

How intrinsic is yoga to ones well being and self healing

Yoga brings space, awareness, presence, clarity… all leading to well being and self healing… which takes time, always changing and growing in a beautiful way.

What type of yoga do you specialise in

My teacher training was done with an Anusara Yoga registered school and I very much appreciate the heart-centered and alignment principles of this perspective. But I’ve certainly been drawn to many styles and specialities including Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini, restorative, prenatal and yoga nidra and nowadays tend to blend a little of all into a hybrid.


How important is a daily practice

Important to yield the most results – short and sweet answer ! You’ll always get out what you put in. I guess it depends on how far you’d like to take it.

A quick 10 minute routine for a busy mum

Sit for 2-3 minutes and bring your attention to your breath, evening out the length of the inhale and exhale. Take another 2 minutes on your hands and knees for cat and cow, moving with the breath. Spend the next five minutes moving slowly and mindfully, again with the breath, through several sun salutations, pausing for five breaths in each downward facing dog. Spend your last sacred minute in a much deserved, relaxing savasana.

How do you balance your time

I keep my days as structured as I can, always starting with a straight-from-bed 30 minute mediation in my corner. This is key for getting my mind organised and focused for what’s ahead (if I don’t I tend to be a scatter brain!) From there it’s kids to school and then teaching. Afternoons are spent studying, planning my classes and doing my asana practice. I try to get this mostly accomplished before the kids get home so I can focus on just them and relax. But quite often I’m finishing up the reading and classes after they are in bed …. and folding heaps of laundry!


What do you do for fun

I love to cook and bake, take doggie walks in the park, go to other teacher’s yoga classes & workshops, watch old movies, read and relax by candlelight and pamper myself with shopping or a really good massage. I’m basically a huge dork! But can be cool if I’m near snow or sea as I really love to ski, play ice hockey, do SUP yoga and surf.

What healing properties do stones possess

Oh, so many! Judy Hall is the authority on this. I love to study her Encyclopedia of Crystals. My favourite crystals would have to be: rose for love, amethyst for wisdom, blue lace agate to feel, aquamarine to soften, citrine to shine, smoky quartz to cleanse and carnelian to trust.


Two things you always carry in your bag

dōTERRA InTune Essential Oil Blend (for focus) and my music / headphones.

Your favourite place in the world

That’s a really hard one because I love to travel. But right now I’m really loving the magic of Ireland – the Celtic tradition and spirituality, the people, history, breathtaking landscape and surrounding sea. We had an amazing, cozy family Christmas there a couple years back and I would love to go back to see and experience more.


5 things on your bucket list

1. Have an organic and biodynamic food garden (or small farm) that almost completely feeds our family. 2. Keep traveling – experience South America, Australia, Asia 3. Own a horse or two!? As if we don’t have enough animals already… 4. My husband wants a coffee farm some day – on the farm I would like holiday cottages for friends and tourists and a beautiful space to share yoga with all. 5. More and more yoga trainings and certifications … which may lead to a few weeks of study in India, naturally.

Which skin product do you swear by

A homemade facial oil blend with myrrh, frankincense, bergamot, cypress, ylang ylang and argan oil. Elemental Herbology gentle cleanser (available at bhuti london!) Neals Yard Remedies Orange and Honey face scrub


Your ‘ go to ‘ destination

We love going to Mexico or the Caribbean with friends and all the kids.

Comfort food

French Lentil Soup by Bon Appetit (my favourite cooking magazine based in New York)

Favourite books & currently reading

Reading now – A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, I also love his book, The Power of Now , The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, A Woman’s Book of Meditation by Hari Kaur Khalsa, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell, The Reality of Being by Jeanne de Salzmann

The future of yoga & well being

May more and more people begin to feel a shift in all aspects of their lives, as a result of this practice. May it become a new way to live, and even begin to change the dynamic of this World, with more people living whole-heartedly and with Presence.

Your favourite yoga pose and why

This is always changing for me, but lately I love Triangle. I injured my hip earlier this year and this pose gives me a great opening in just the right spot! And every day starts with a headstand after meditation. I love how it wakes me up and soothes me out.


What’s on your christmas wish list

A tattoo, a new meditation cushion

What do you love most about London

Its quaintness, charm and historic buildings/architecture. I could walk around the streets and hidden pathways all day long.

Your favourite quote

From the Radiance Sutras, number 111: ” There is no image you can hold, No thought you can think, That encompasses the Great Self. Your essence Is immortal and unchanging, Yet it is the foundation for all that moves. Rest in the shimmering emptiness That is the source of this world, And remember who you are.”


Photo credits – Charlotte Krag

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