Mother’s Day


TIME OUT !! This Mother’s Day

 Do we really need the boxes of chocolates, flowers, gifts (not implying that I would reject them) ? Or are there other ways to feel loved, indulged, valued and appreciated by our precious little ones. Perhaps, a bit of time to ourselves for rest and recovery, could be the perfect gift this mothers day !

 I asked 5 mums how they would like to spend mother’s day – there’s one common theme to their responses 🙂

Sania(mum to four gorgeous kids)

To have the opportunity to sit and read in peace and then drop off to sleep with no pressure to be anywhere or do anything.

Simple pleasures !

Maia (mum to four lovely boys)

I would really like a lie-in ! In my ideal world my boys would bring me a homemade card to the bedroom, say ‘I love you mum’, sloppy kiss and cuddle, then they leave me for an hour. Breakfast can come up later when they have finished their own; a cappuccino, mango smoothie, yoghurt with fruit and granola and a hot cross bun to finish! It’s a paradox – the best bit for me is a few minutes peace without them 🙂

lol !!!

Heike -(mum to wonderful Zoe)

So, if I could wish and get whatever I want for mother’s day, I’d like to get one year off from work (but fully paid) to travel with my husband and Zoe all over South America.

Kamna (mum to two brilliant girls )

A quiet day at home without any birthday parties, children activities, cooking, laundry or homework and maybe a lie in.

Michele (mum to beautiful Zoe)

I would love to go to Deliciously Ella’s new restaurant the Mae Deli, and then take a nice stroll in Hyde Park, if it’s sunny and of course all bundled up.
Most importantly I would love to have lots of hugs and kisses from my two lovelies, my husband and my daughter Zoe. Maybe a hot chocolate and a movie afterwards?

Whether you decide to spend the day with your family, or get a bit of time to yourself –  You deserve the best ! Have an amazing Mother’s day !

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