Originally from Donostia a small coastal town which faces the Atlantic,and now settled in London , Olatz is a Creative, Adventurous,Super Cool mum of two. Despite having a successful career working with large pharmaceutical companies in the past, Olatz decided that she was ready to pursue something a little more meaningful. She went on to qualify as a teacher and now teaches Maths at an adult community college which she finds incredibly satisfying.

How do you start the day ?

With a quick ‘ shock shower ‘ and a double shot of coffee with sugar. Followed by a healthy breakfast of either granola or porridge.

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What are you most passionate about ?

I don’t really consider myself as an activist. However I feel very strongly about fairness in general, women’s equality and children’s rights.

 How would you describe your personal style ?

Smart casual, hippie and sometimes chic.

A timeless piece or item of clothing in your closet ?

A woollen beige parka which is the perfect ‘cover up’ , it makes me feel safe and cool. And a vintage burberry handbag which was a present from my mum.

Your most recent purchase ?

Last tuesday I bought an original 1950’s cabinet at Kempton market http://kempton.thejockeyclub.co.uk/Markets, which I intend to restore and paint in yellow. I love this market as you can find some rare, original and amazing things at great prices.

S-Olatz_0939 Name one book that has inspired you ?

Nelson Mandela – Portrait of a Extraordinary man by Richard Stengel. It is a wise, inspiring and thought provoking book

What is your favourite type of cuisine ?

French as I find it clean, fresh and varied. However my favourite restaurant is ‘Al boccon di’ vino ‘ www.nonsolovinoltd.co.uk italian in Richmond, for its unpretentious yet exquisite way in which they present their delicious food. The Cafe and teahouse in Petersham nurseries
www.petershamnurseries.com for its beautiful location, organic and healthy choices of food.

A regular family favourite recipe ?

A simple and delicious basque tuna stew called Marmitako http://www.spain-recipes.com/marmitako.html

1) Go to see the northern lights with my family
2) Experience working and living in a Spanish speaking country in South America with my family
3) Read ‘ A Suitable Boy‘ by Vikram Seth
4) Complete a triathlon
5) Spend more quality time with my family abroad.

What is your daily beauty routine and you favourite products ?

I drink plenty of water through the day and cleanse thoroughly both in the mornings and evenings followed by a good moisturiser. I either use Coconut oil or the timeless nivea blue to moisturise at night. Apart from homemade masks made from egg yolk or honey, I am partial to the H.Q swiss brand of masks and products www.hqcosmetic.com which I usually buy in Italy. A recent discovery has been Creme Divine by L’Occitane  which has been incredible for my skin.

What do you do for relaxation ?

For a quick fix a camomile tea or a glass of wine depending on the time of the day.
A relaxing morning at a spa if I can manage a longer break.
My favourite spa getaway is La Perla Donostia in San Sebastian http://www.la-perla.net/en/

Your dream Destination ?

Any Pacific Island – what can beat that ?
or Crete for its food, history, beaches, scenery and people.

* Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag www.charlottekrag.com at Richmond Rowing Club

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