I was awestruck when I first met Sophie ! She has that certain elusive quality that instantly draws you to her beautiful warm blue eyes, calming presence and her simple yet sophisticated style. I read somewhere that ‘elegance is an attitude’, which Sophie seems to have in bucket loads. Then, I had that ‘wide-eyed’ moment, when I heard she was a pilot for a major international airline. A pilot !! Wow !! That’s incredible !! In all the years that I have travelled numerous countries I don’t recall the captain ever being a ‘ female ’, in what appears to be a male dominated profession.

Sophie has always been passionate about flying and was inspired by her father who was a private pilot. She trained at the age of sixteen and has been flying ever since.Sophie juggles an incredibly demanding job whilst handling the responsibilities of a being mum with the powers of a superwoman .

How do you start your day
I’m focused on a healthy and sporty life, even more so as my work is so irregular. My job as an airline pilot on long haul is completely out of traditional schedule. Because of the nature of my job, I try to be strict and stick to a daily routine as it reassures me. Regardless of whether I’m home or at a hotel during my stopovers, I set my alarm for a welcome early morning run to keep me ‘grounded’. That makes my body and my soul feel much better even if sometimes I would prefer to catch up with rest… the advantage of going for a run is that all you need a is pair of trainers. Its incredibly easy to run anywhere in the world, outside enjoying nature, the city or even a fitness center.

How do you manage to keep fit with your busy schedule
To keep fit I count on sport and healthy food. I have never eaten meat, I think I’m more of a vegetarian, I prefer light snacks than hearty meals. I’m far from my French roots now! But I’m completely crazy about the quality of the products….in fact a bit too crazy. I would rather starve than eat junk food. I’ve hopefully influenced my family’s eating habits and now managed to encourage my son to embrace chia seeds and oats for breakfast….

How easy is it to maintain a healthy diet when flying different time zones
Its not easy to deal with a healthy diet in my kind of job ! Fortunately I love rice a lot, I can eat rice everyday. It’s so easy to find a bowl of steamed rice anywhere, which I’m generally happy with, but it’s hard during long flights, as every meal on board is fatty and salty, so I try to carry my own food, like seeds, dry fruits, gluten free bread…and dark chocolate, which helps me cope with the food on board !


What do you love most about your job
I’m so lucky to have been able to combine passion and work. This work is also full of discoveries: human, cultural, touristic…. I love the opportunities and openness and a sense of adventure that my job gives me.

What is the best remedy to get over jet lag
I would say my best remedy to get over jet lag just after a flight is first to go to bed very early, to have a long sleep, and to adjust my body with the country’s clock and of course to start the day with a run.

Would you describe your style sensibility as French chic

I think I have my own style, a mix of classic French chic and a totally unconventional style inspired by my mum who loved colourful and offbeat clothes. In terms of brands I feel my style sensibility is the closest to Zadig and Voltaire. I currently love their rock clutch.


Best beauty product for your skin

La Roche Posay for sensitive skin

A favourite possession
My Mother’s wedding ring

Your favourite type of cuisine and restaurant

My favourite restaurant in the world is ‘ L’ Atelier ‘ by the amazing French Chef Joel Robuchon. It has two Michelin stars and there are a few L’ Atelier ‘s in big cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong , Singapore , Paris. The décor is in warm red and black, I love the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant and that you can eat at the counter . You have a choice of either having a big meal or small portions and of course their famous mashed potatoes . I love Asian food too .


A favourite recipe

A good vegetarian coconut curry and steamed rice

What do you do for relaxation

My favourite way to relax is to go running, have a body massage, or to sunbathe on a beach reading a novel , depending on where I am.

A recent good book you’ve read

I recently read The girl on the train and  Philomena a few months ago, which I loved.

Favourite holiday destination

We have two favourite holiday spots, Mauritius island for relaxing holidays and Los Angeles for sporty holidays.

What inspires you

I would say that my life is inspired and guided by freedom, passion and curiosity…

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* Photo Credits – Charlotte Krag


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