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Looking at Sophie one would never imagine her to be a mum of not one but two sets of twins !!! This petite, sophisticated woman with the biggest blue eyes is every bit as animated as one of her characters in a picture book. She juggles her role as a mum and an aspiring digital illustrator with a lots of positivity and organisation.

Originally from Belgium, Sophie now lives in London with her husband and four children. She draws inspiration from life around her.  Her portraits are hugely popular with the parents in the community. Sophie’s transition from the corporate to the creative world is fascinating. I speak to her about her family, lifestyle, her career so far and what she hopes to achieve in the future…


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How do you start your day

With one capuccino please ☺

How did you transition from finance to illustration 
I have always been an illustrator. My art teacher at school told my parents that I should go to art school but I was also good in maths so my parents pushed me in that direction and I read economics at university. I enjoyed my degree and I met a lot of amazing people, after which I started my career in finance. During the 12 years spent in that industry, I always felt something was missing so I decided to follow my calling. I started to contact people in the animation industry and to send some drawings to the Walt Disney company. They took time to respond to my letters with very good advice. I started to draw more and more – following with hours of online lessons to improve my skills.

Where do you draw inspiration from
It depends. Often from an image that has touched me. It can be a scene in real life, a person I see in the street or it can also be a photograph.

IMG_0001Time management with two sets of twins and the challenges you have to face as a mum
They have a good gap between them (7 and 2 years old). The sleep depravation is the worst in the first years, so we decided to hire a night nurse the second time round. It was the best investment ever. I have a lot of support from my husband and we make sure we spend at least one night out together a week. Even if its just for a walk without the children.  The babies are in nursery or with a childminder three days a week since September, so I get to have a bit more free time to work from home

What advice would you give to budding artists
Practice practice practice. choose subjects that you love. Find inspiration from artists that you admire. Drawing outside from live subjects.

Favourite destination and why
I love to change and discover new places. I would say Ireland (Kerry) because it’s so relaxing and you see incredible landscapes. You feel like in one of the Lord of the Rings novels.

What is a typical meal at home
Salad with goat cheese and honey

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A family favourite dish & recipe
Pasta with pesto

Your favourite restaurant
L’Assagino in Richmond. Italian restaurant.

How important is it to be involved in your community
It’s essential. with the crazy pace in our lives and the lack of altruism, we need solidarity and to meet people in the flesh. I wish I could be more involved as I’m always amazed by events people can organise together.

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How would you define beauty
To be at peace, assertive and avoiding toxic relationships for inside beauty. Things and people that don’t realise they are being observed are the most beautiful.

Top 5 things on your bucket list
See the Northern lights, more meditation, going to Congo where my father used to live, improve my drawing skills and have a house on the beach in a sunny destination 😎

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now
With more freedom : my first set of twins should be able to babysit my second 😉


What would be the perfect Christmas

A white Christmas surrounded by my husband and children would be perfect ! It would also be great if there was a breakthrough with scientific evidence that there was an end/solution to global warming.

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