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I was first introduced to spinning 18 months ago. It took a lot of persuasion – I could tell it was going to be one of the toughest cardio workouts I had ever attempted. I approached the cycle with some trepidation, and was thrilled, to have endured the entire hour without collapsing. Admittedly my legs felt like jelly and  my muscles ached for days, but the sheer rush of adrenaline and the motivation drew me back. Now I can’t recommend it enough !

As a fitness instructor, personal trainer and a popular spin instructor, Tom’s spinning classes are often booked out. And he’s got some great tips for continuing your New Year’s fitness resolution 🙂

Top workouts for 2016 

As a spin instructor I feel spinning is a fantastic way of burning plenty of calories, it’s great fun and has a lot of variety to it.

I also recommend HIIT training (High intensity interval training), this is the rage and has been for the last few years in the industry. Whether it’s on a treadmill, bike or even outside on a hill. Work as hard as you can for a certain amount of time, and then rest for an allotted time. I suggest 20/40 seconds of pushing yourself, rest for 30/40 second and repeat it about 8/12 times. Try and keep it going for a good 20 minutes.

5 best fitness foods I recommend are 

1. Blueberries, this is a great fruit to help deliver antioxidants and keep your immune system strong. It also helps as an anti inflammatory and helps you recover.

2. Grapefruit, we always hear people talking about how it’s good for fat loss and it has been proven to help. It’s also low in calories too!

3. Lean meats, chicken, beef and fish! A standard part of most people’s diets are meats, we need protein to function and to keep lean!

4. Eggs, I love eggs. Whether they’re scrambled, poached, boiled etc they’re high in protein and healthy fats which our body needs. They’re a big part of most people’s diets and daily eating habits but I would never suggest over indulging due to cholesterol risks.

5. Dark chocolate, if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to shed some fat you have to keep away from the standard high street chocolates and sweets. Dark chocolate is a way to keep the stress of it all down! A few pieces or squares of it are more than enough.

The best food to eat after a workout 

After a workout I recommend a high protein shake with some blended fruits like blueberries and a banana. Don’t be afraid to chuck a handful of spinach in, spinach is rich in iron and helps with the recovery process.

The importance of Nutrition in relation to fitness 

Nutrition is extremely important when trying to reach our goals, whether it’s fat loss or trying to gain muscle mass. We all need nutrition in relation to our training and lifestyles otherwise we will never reach our full potential or goals. Fitness and training is roughly only 20/30% and nutrition is the rest. Think of an iceberg in water, small on the top (training) and extremely big on the bottom (nutrition)

Currently the most popular cardio workout

This relates back to the HIIT training, A lot of people enjoy it and incorporate it into their workouts to keep them burning plenty of fat ! You can even use it with circuit training.

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