Top 3 Books This Week



Top 3 books recommendations this week


Edible French – Tasty Expressions and Cultural Bit

A fun little book, about french food and food related expressions by Clotilde Dusoulier, with beautiful water coloured illustrations by Melina Josserand



Eat Pretty – Jolene Hart

Whilst its no big secret that there is a deep connection between nutrition and health, it is interesting to read the impact nutrition can have on beauty. I had no idea that raspberries were great for for hair, to eat red peppers for sun defence or that red cabbage could give you a natural collagen boost ! Great book to change one’s eating habits and perhaps spend a little less on those ridiculously expensive vials of miracle potions 😉



Where Chefs Eat – Joe Warwick

A worldwide food guide to chefs’ favourite restaurants.  Great recommendations for travellers and foodies, reluctant to rely on trip advisor for restaurant suggestions. There is also an app version available, which makes it really convenient for travel .






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